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Artificial Intelligence


The Evolution in Computing

Artificial intelligence is making waves across the computing world. Start leveraging the massive benefits it can provide with the help of RPlanx. Our experienced team is capable of developing solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The AI Advantage

RPlanx has been working to develop tech solutions which bring together problem solving capabilities with memory and learning abilities. Through this combination, we are able to utilize the solutions in a vast range of fields including business intelligence. Our team is able to develop exciting and amazing solutions on the web and the mobile platforms. Our artificial intelligence solutions can also be integrated with fuzzy logics and robotics.

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Chatbot Development


Messaging as a Platform applications have revolutionized the manner in which a business interacts with the customers. Chatbot is actually interactive software which is developed with the help of artificial intelligence that can simulate human conversations. Chatbot will enable your business to offer customer support, content, e-commerce support, and also interactive experience with the help of the messaging platform. This is great for engaging the users on platforms that has huge traffic. Hence, if you have a large Facebook fan page, you should leverage it. R PlanX is a leading Chatbot development company that offers comprehensive solutions for Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, Kik, and Slack.

Benefits of Chatbot Apps

In comparison to developing a web and mobile application, Chatbot has some significant advantages which will ensure the success of your business.

No Custom User Interface : No user interface is necessary since the app is a messenger. Our developers concentrate on solving the technical challenges.

Cloud Based : Chatbots function in the cloud and the users will not have to upgrade or uninstall them manually.

Best Timing : Chatbots send messages to the users based on their actions and inquiries. They stay invisible at other times.

Easy Adoption : Since there is no application, the users will not have to waste any time to search or install anything.

What do We Offer?

We offer the customer a full cycle of Chatbot development which certainly leads to its success.

Conversation Design : : This is an important key to the success of Chatbot. It helps in developing intuitive conversations.

Quality and Performance : We work to improve your pre-existing Chatbot and help you to stay on top.

Chatbot Engineering : We use the best tools and technique to develop fast, smart, and scalable websites.

Maintenance and Support : We take care of every technical problem that you face after the development of the Chatbot. You will always find us around.

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