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RPlanx is known for offering technological solutions to firms nationwide. As our vision states, we want to expand globally. This is possible if we grow as an organizational workforce. If you have the vigour to deliver efficiency with diligence, RPlanx is the place for you to be. RPlanx opens wide pathways to meet your career goals. We believe in growing along with our employees and hence we provide the apt environment to an individual to grow. So, if you’re a Ninja Developer, Dazzling Designer or Guerilla Marketer.
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Ninja Developer
Do you love working with bleeding-edge open source technologies? We do. Whether it is on our backend, frontend, mobile, stacks, we keep them shiny and exciting.
Awesome Designer
UX designs for the Web and mobile. Creative campaigns on social media and elsewhere. Working hand in hand with developers and marketers to optimize designs for better metrics.
Guerrilla Marketer
We are looking for the next generation of marketers: tech-savvy and eager to experiment,push ourselves to the limits. Are you ready to explore unconventional marketing tactics?
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