Deliver faster with confidence. Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines to deliver more innovation faster, with predictability.

What we offer

Good visibility leads to good decisions
  • Real-time health monitoring
  • Open and transparent all the way down
right scale
Exactly the right scale
  • No ceilings or limitations
  • No dev-ops expertise needed
The Flexibility to evolve as needed
  • Define & customize your environment
  • Choose the cloud provider that fits you best

Our DevOps Tech Stack


Elements we focus on

1. Tool chain


We assess your Microservices architecture before taking up your Devops alignment for continuous delivery.A suggested Azure container based Microservices architecture is outlined below:

DevOps Microservices Diagram

DevOps Continuity

Our Devops team ensures you achieve Devops Continuity by focusing on following action items

Continuous release & development

  1. Technology selection and validation
  2. Deployment design
  3. Deployment automation
  4. Configuration and release management

Continous Testing

  1. UI and integration test automation
  2. Performance testing
  3. Service virtualization
  4. Test optimization

Continous Monitoring

  1. Infrastructure monitoring automation
  2. Software development audit
  3. Service health dashboards delivery
  4. APM tools integration

Continous Feedback & Optimization

  1. Service request and change management
  2. Performance tuning
  3. Incident tracking and analysis
  4. High-availability and redundancy planning

Devops continuity Tech stack

DevOps Microservices Diagram