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Stories Chatbots are highly potential to erase the need for websites and mobile apps

In the present era when fastest UI and UX is the key tosuccess for any technology provider chatbots are seizing the day by leaps andbounds. Today’s users are smarter and impatient to obnoxious levels andextents. This has created urgent needs for automated faster commands andresponses that are easily provided by bots which are known for their power ofsimplicity. Chatbots do not require sign in or sign ups which are basicnecessities in websites and apps. Bots work in a very different framework wherea user’s social profile information is already in store which makes it easierfor the bot to access and deliver immediate personalized information andsolution to problems. Facebook is already known to extensively using bots forits promotional uses.

Accessing webistes and mobile apps are considered cumbersomewith their web page openings and 2g/3g/4g spectrums respectively. Developednations have citizens who are fast becoming impatient and highly demanding. Instantgratification has become a rule of the game. Here comes the chatbots into thepicture which instantly performs speech recognition and is able to communicatein local languages. Smarter customer engagement and relevant logical approachis where chatbot stands to score over websites and apps. Clare is chatbot that is being tested bybanks for its viable customer service actions. Clare can be made to answercustomer queries 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You will get the simplest answersto any baking related question.

With all the technological support services andpossibilities, face to face meetings are still there to exist. However there isa long list of tasks to arrange for one of such meetings/seminars. Here comesEvie, an organiser and calendar assistant. It does all the organising andsynchronises calendars across all connected devices. Chatbots are a part ofhuge discoveries and advancements made by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Humanchores are fast being eased out by bots, thanks to highly efficient andintelligent bot assistant in workplaces.

User experience or UX has been kept in mind while developingchatbots. The dynamic, focused and empowered capabilities of chatbots inengaging users and automatically communicating, responding and detectingchanges and queries are much higher than packaged versions of websites andapparently static mobile applications. There are no limitations of a bot in thedigital world which makes the transition imminent, that is the transition fromtraditional website and app related business centrism. Website pages and mobileapp processes are old in form and are fast becoming ways of the past with theneed for increasing customer base and retaining valuable customers being theneed of the hour. Performance stunners in the form of virtual assistantchatbots makes use of artificial intelligence to perform automated actions likereplies, messages and demonstrations in the fields of ecommerce, banking,hospitality, technology, IT, B2C and social media. Chatbots are already usedwidely by restaurants, law firms, finance companies, dating and matrimonybrands, stylists, accountants and ecommerce establishments across the globe.

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